Joseph Prince, was born on 15 May 1963 to the family of a Sikh priest of Indian origin and a Chinese mother. He spent his primary school years in Perak, Malaysia.

With more than two decades of full-time ministry behind him, Joseph Prince is today a leading voice in proclaiming the gospel of grace around the world through his teaching resources and television ministry. A highly sought-after conference speaker, Joseph has impacted church leaders internationally by preaching the unadulterated gospel of Jesus with boldness. He is known for teaching God’s Word in a fresh, practical and revelatory way that always unveils Jesus. His humorous, dynamic and engaging style of preaching has also endeared him to a wide spectrum of viewers who tune in to his daily television program, Destined To Reign. This broadcast currently reaches millions of homes in more than 150 countries. His broadcast program is also streamed online through Internet and podcasts.

A founding member of New Creation Church, Joseph initially served as an elder and associate pastor. However, his unanimous appointment as senior pastor in 1990 marked a turning point in the history of the church, which started experiencing phenomenal growth. Under Joseph’s leadership, the church congregation has grown by more than a hundredfold—from about 150 to more than 30,000.

Having built and established the leadership and congregation of New Creation Church on the sure foundation of Jesus Christ, Joseph is now actively fulfilling, around the world, the mandate that God has given him to preach God’s unmerited favor without compromise. He heads Joseph Prince Ministries, Inc, an international, non-profit organization that seeks to build, encourage and inspire people with the gospel of Jesus Christ through television broadcasting as well as new media technology.

His involvement in both New Creation Church and Joseph Prince Ministries, Inc is on a voluntary basis. Joseph’s ministry as pastor, teacher, conference speaker and author continues to transform many lives, setting people free from the heavy yoke of the law, guilt and condemnation by pointing them to Jesus and His finished work at Calvary.

Joseph believes the best in people and is committed to helping them discover how they can reign in life through the abundance of grace and the gift of righteousness. His desire is to help believers understand the new covenant of grace and realize how greatly blessed, highly favored and deeply loved they are by their heavenly Father.

Joseph Prince got married to Wendy Prince in 2004. They have a daughter, Jessica Shayna Prince, and a son, Justin David Prince. Wendy is a devoted wife to Joseph and a loving mother to Jessica Shayna and Justin David; she epitomizes the virtuous woman mentioned in Proverbs 31. She is a constant source of love and support to Joseph, and has committed herself to bringing Jessica and Justin up in the ways of the Lord. Her humility, warmth and genuine love for God and people have led to her counselling and touching many lives.


Daddy-ken A. Bitere; He is a unique and passionate preacher and teacher of the Gospel of Jesus. He carries uncommon grace for transformation.

Daddy-ken A. Bitere is a humble mentor to a myriad of Christian workers, pastors, politicians leaders, and business tycoons across the states of Nigeria and the globe. A popular conference speaker.

He has the following to his credits: President, Daddy-ken Ministries (DKMI); Chief Executive Officer, Kingdom Builders Empowerment Foundation (KIBEF), also known as the Millionaires Forum, empowering a plethora of young minds for the spread of the Gospel. Director, Daddy-ken’s Mentorship School, Director, Transform International Leadership Institute. All of which are aimed at reaching the globe with the true message of Jesus, making society a habitable place and leadership memorable.

Daddy-ken’s compassion for humanity has by the Holy Spirit, turned lives around as he teaches, inspires and empowers young entrepreneurs with Godly skills and strategies for success. His inclinations to see the better sides of people whispers the reason for his charitability.

He is the founder and Senior Pastor of THE REFINED PEOPLE’S ASSEMBLY; one of the fastest growing churches in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria. His message of righteousness, faith grace, and love is accompanied with powerful and countless evidence of blessings. His WORD FEAST EXPERIENCE TV/RADIO programs have  a record of proofs of the call of God in his life.

Daddy-ken is highly favored with Jennifer A. Bitere his wife. He is an international and global character.


Creflo Dollar
Creflo Dollar is the founder and senior pastor of World Changers Church International (WCCI) in College Park, Georgia, which serves nearly 30,000 members; World Changers Church-New York, which hosts over 6,000 worshippers each week; and a host of satellite churches, located in Los Angeles, California; Indianapolis, Indiana; Washington, D.C.; Cleveland, Ohio; Dallas and Houston, Texas; and Carrollton, Norcross, Macon, and Marietta, Georgia. As mandated by God, Creflo Dollar’s goal is to establish 500 satellite churches around the world. With nearly 30 years in ministry, Creflo Dollar is committed to bringing the Good News of Jesus Christ to people all over the world, literally changing the world one person at a time.

Creflo Dollar received the vision of World Changers Church International while attending West Georgia College in Carrollton, Georgia as an undergraduate stA native of College Park, Georgia, Creflo Dollar received the vision for World Changers Ministries Christian Center in 1986. He held the church’s first worship service in the cafeteria of Kathleen Mitchell Elementary School in College Park, with only eight people in attendance. Over the years, the ministry grew rapidly, and was later renamed World Changers Church International. The congregation moved from the cafeteria to a modest-sized chapel, later adding a weekly radio broadcast and four services each Sunday. On December 24, 1995, WCCI moved into its present location—the 8,500-seat sanctuary known as the World Dome. At a cost of nearly $18 million, the World Dome was built without any bank financing. The construction of the World Dome is a testament to the miracle-working power of God, and remains a model of debt-freedom that ministries all over the world emulate.

A former educational therapist, Creflo Dollar received a bachelor’s degree in education and both a master’s and doctorate degree in counseling. He was awarded an honorary Doctor of Divinity degree from Oral Roberts University in 1998. He is the publisher of CHANGE online magazine and The Max, a bimonthly resource newsletter for ministers and ministry leaders. His award-winning Changing Your World television broadcast reaches nearly one billion homes in practically every country in the world.

A much sought-after conference speaker and best-selling author, Dollar is known for his practical approach to the Bible, and has encouraged thousands to pursue a personal relationship with God. Creflo Dollar and his wife, Taffi, have five children, and they live in Atlanta.

The Organization There are many divisions and affiliates of WCCI that meet the diverse needs of people around the globe. The church arm of the ministry is situated in metro Atlanta, but has members who commute from several surrounding states, including Tennessee, South Carolina and Alabama. Creflo Dollar’s dynamic, yet practical teaching style impacts people so strongly that they gladly make the drive. In addition to four weekly Bible services and a Sunday worship service in Atlanta, the ministry also provides Saturday worship services at its second location—World Changers Church-New York—which began in October 2004. The church currently hosts more than 6,000 worshippers each week and is making a tremendous impact in the greater New York area.

Creflo Dollar Ministries (CDM), the outreach arm of WCCI, hosts annual conventions in cities across the United States. Creflo Dollar’s vision is also supported by thousands of Vision Partners around the world who assist him in spreading the Gospel through the aid of prayers, volunteerism and financial support.

The Social Services arm of WCCI makes a daily investment in people’s lives by meeting their physical, financial, emotional and spiritual needs through some 60 programs and ministries. Some of the innovations Creflo Dollar has implemented include the Career Development Center, where people receive the information, guidance, training and practical assistance they need to obtain and maintain suitable employment, and where some 50 percent of referrals are hired; a food distribution facility, which provides over 60 tons of food to needy families annually; and the Joseph Project, a male-mentoring program that provides a pathway out of despair for men who have hit rock bottom in their lives. Creflo Dollar also founded the Creflo Dollar Ministerial Association (CDMA), a covenant fellowship of affiliated ministries in the United States and abroad to assist ministers, pastors, evangelists, ministry leaders and churches, large and small, in the fulfillment of their God-given visions. Members have access to a long list of benefits, support services and ministry resources designed to optimize their effectiveness, including Web site development, workshops and conferences on the “how–to’s” of ministry, organizational structure and logistical support, and opportunities to network with like-minded men and women of God.

Humble Beginnings Although he was “raised in the church,” Creflo Dollar did not become born again until the summer after his freshman year in college. While visiting a Bible study on a college campus in Atlanta, Creflo Dollar gave his life to Christ. It was never his desire to become a minister; instead, he planned to become a professional football player. “There was never any doubt that one day I would play pro ball,” he says. “God, however, had a different course for my life. I ended up getting injured and sitting on the bench for much of my college career.”

As he was recovering from the injury, Creflo Dollar began witnessing to students on campus. “I witnessed to a guy, and he became born again. Afterward, he brought back 10 more people. Before I knew it, Ken (his college roommate) and I were running a Bible study in our dorm room.” This weekly Bible study was known as “World Changers Bible Study.” 1981 marked the official beginning of Creflo Dollar’s life in ministry. The teachings captivated the attention of students who were in search of answers to life’s questions, and attendance quickly grew to over 100 people. One of the students Creflo Dollar led to the Lord was Taffi Bolton, who became his wife five years later. He graduated in 1984 with a B.S. in education and promptly went to work at Brawner Psychiatric Institute in Atlanta. Creflo Dollar later went on to earn a master’s degree and a Doctor of Philosophy degree in counseling. Although he was successful at counseling those in his care, he knew that God had given him a clear assignment–to teach the Word with simplicity and understanding.

In 1986, a year before he left Brawner to enter full-time ministry, Creflo Dollar officially founded World Changers Ministries Christian Center (WCMCC). Its first worship service was held in the cafeteria of Kathleen Mitchell Elementary School, with only eight people in attendance. The location held a special significance for the budding ministry, as Creflo Dollar had been the first black male to integrate the school, where his mother was once employed as a cafeteria worker. The church adopted Proverbs 4:7 as its motto: “… In all thy getting, get understanding” (NKJV), and Creflo Dollar perfected his gift for taking the complex language and principles of the Bible and converting them into a practical form that simplified things for the listener. Within two years, the cafeteria could no longer hold the larger number of attendees, so the ministry began its search for a new location. It negotiated for and purchased the former Atlanta Christian Center Church in College Park, Georgia. WCMCC held its first service in that facility in 1988.

The ministry continued to grow at a rapid pace over the next few years and began holding four services each Sunday to accommodate the explosive membership growth. In 1991, WCMCC broke ground to build a new sanctuary, and in response to its growing membership and influence around the world, the ministry changed its name to World Changers Church International (WCCI). On December 24, 1995, the leaders and members of WCCI moved into the World Dome, which has a seating capacity of 8,500. Unlike any other structure in the community, this magnificent building was built by faith, at a cost of nearly $18 million, without any bank financing. To this day, the ministry continues to extol the virtues of debt-freedom, trusting God to initiate and complete new projects without the added burden of debt. The construction of the World Dome, by a growing church with only a few thousand dollars in the bank when the project began, remains a model that ministries all over the world continue to emulate. It is a testament to the miracle-working power of God, when you trust Him as your source.

The church now has a congregation of approximately 30,000 members, and nearly 450 employees staff the facilities of WCCI both at home and abroad. Within the six buildings on the main campus are a state-of-the-art television studio; a computer graphic design suite; a publishing house; a high-tech music studio; a food distribution center; a large banquet facility; commercial cooking facilities; a daycare center; a Christian academy; a Christian bookstore; an audio and video duplication center; and a professionally-staffed fitness facility. The spiritual growth experienced by WCCI members and employees and the hundreds of thousands of CDM partners worldwide proves that clarity and simplicity are still the hallmarks of Creflo Dollar’s ministry. “Nothing blesses me quite like the testimonies of people whose lives have been changed by our ministry,” says Creflo Dollar. “We have been entrusted with an awesome responsibility to share the Good News with those who need it.”

A Household Name

Creflo Dollar is a much sought-after conference speaker and a best–selling author, with hundreds of books, CDs, audio and videotapes in worldwide distribution. He has written books that cover a variety of topics, including debt cancellation, healing, total-life prosperity, prayer, marriage, child-rearing, the Christian family and victorious living. Many of his past works, including The Anointing to Live, Understanding God’s Purpose for the Anointing, No More Debt and Live Without Fear, have been added to the curriculum of Christian colleges across the United States. In fall 2006, Creflo Dollar released Claim Your Victory Today, a revised edition of the Divine Order of Faith and in 2008, his life-changing book, 8 Steps to Create the Life You Want: The Anatomy of a Successful Life was released.

Creflo Dollar has also collaborated with his wife of 21 years, Taffi Dollar, on a comprehensive reference book for the 21st century family titled, The Successful Family. Divided into six sections with an exhaustive list of recommended resources and six corresponding study guides for individual or group study, it tackles the most common problems facing families and provides them with sound, practical solutions and proven principles for success. In addition, Creflo Dollar is the publisher of CHANGE magazine, a quarterly publication with nearly 100,000 subscribers and The Max, a bimonthly resource newsletter for ministers and ministry leaders.

A Leader Among Men

Recognized for his cutting-edge revelation and humorous, pragmatic approach, Mr. Dollar received an honorary Doctor of Divinity degree from Oral Roberts University (ORU) in 1998. His teachings have enabled thousands to experience restoration, healing and financial breakthrough, as a result of applying simple, biblical principles to their lives.

In addition to his ministry accomplishments, Creflo Dollar has also experienced success as a businessman and entrepreneur. In 1998, he assisted his wife, Taffi Dollar, in establishing a gospel music record company, Arrow Records, where she serves as Chief Executive Officer. The goal of Arrow Records, whose motto is “Music that Pierces the Heart,” is to promote gospel music with strong, scriptural lyrics in a variety of musical styles. Award-winning artists on the label include the Changing Your World Mass Choir and Canton Jones.

Creflo Dollar can be seen and heard worldwide via the dynamic Changing Your World broadcast, now one of the most popular ministry programs on television. He also maintains an extensive schedule each year of partner meetings, conventions and speaking engagements in locations that span the globe. “When I see all of the people in this world who are hurting, it just motivates me to do more,” he says. “The job is not done until every single person on the planet has been exposed to this Gospel.”

With offices in the United States, Australia (serving the Asia-Pacific region), South Africa, Nigeria and the United Kingdom, and several more scheduled to open in the next few years, Creflo A. Dollar is truly setting the standard for excellence in ministry, and making a mark in the lives of millions that can never be erased!

Dr. Abel Hankuri Damina, pastor and founder, received the vision of Abel Damina Ministries, a.k.a Power Chapel in 1992. God spoke to Dr. Abel Damina to “feed my sheep, for they are hungry; I’m raising a quality people who will stand their ground and not fail me”. It is in total obedience to that calling that has birthed a ministry that continues to bless humanity globally.

Power City International Churches has its headquarters at 98 Nwaniba Road, Uyo, Akwa Ibom state, Nigeria with an ultra modern state of the art facility that seats 5,000 persons. Running 3 services every Sunday, Rev Dr. Abel Damina brings the word of God with power, insight and impartation.

The church also owns its cable television, Kingdom Life Network, which is rated the fastest-growing television network in the region via Free to Air bouquet. Dr. Abel Damina is also the current National Chairman, Pentecostal Fellow-ship Of Nigeria Youth Wing. Dr. Abel Damina is married to Dr. Rachel Damina and together they have three great daughters, the up-coming Triple J Plus singing sensation.


“I am a billionaire.” These were the exact words of Pastor Paul Adefarasin. From the living room of his parents in Lagos in 1994, he set up House on The Rock Church and his ministry has blossomed over the years to over 35 branches with about 50,000 worshippers spread across Nigeria and abroad.

Currently, the buoyant and vibrant church is worth about N50 billion, with a cathedral worth close to N5 billion.

It rakes in a tithe of about N5 billion, offering of close to N2.6 billion annually, amongst other funds.

The new headquarters of the ministry widely known as Rock Millennium is still a talk of the town. Close to Liberty Hall, along Lekki-Epe Expressway, Lagos, the temple was officially opened on April 20, 2013.

The Rock Cathedral is the multi-purpose facility that houses the headquarters of the Rock Foundation and the House on the Rock. Among the personalities who were on hand to officially open it, were the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Goodluck Jonathan, former prime minister of the United Kingdom, Tony Blair, the presiding bishop of TREM Ministries, Bishop Mike Okonkwo, Bishop Tudor Bismark, Bishop Wayne Malcolm and a host of others.

Pastor Paul, a keen follower of Bishop T.D. Jakes of Dallas, Texas, collaborates with his mentor and many other famous gospel artistes to stage the popular annual music carnival, The Experience.

He shells out over N50 million for the event annually. What gulps a large chunk of the money is the artistes’ fee, and accommodation of the international artistes, crew and guests, logistics, among others.

One of the major sources of revenue for him is tithes, offerings and financial partners who are upwardly mobile corporate men and women and several millionaires who throng his vibrant church. Among the 50,000 worshippers, if 10,000 of them pay a tithe of N10,000 weekly (and some pay millions), that will be N5.2 billion annually. And when the average 50,000 worshippers pay a weekly offering of N1,000 weekly, that’s N2.6 billion annually. Due to his connections abroad, he is a frequent speaker and preacher overseas and these rake in several millions for him annually.

Aside that, his books and messages which are dubbed on tapes, VCD, DVD rake in millions monthly. The ministry’s Tape Department which is responsible for the production and marketing of his tapes ensure they are spread across the globe.

An author, motivator and conference speaker, Paul Adefarasin is one of the most respected and sought-after ministers in Nigeria. His weekly television programme, Something Is About To Happen! is broadcast to millions of homes across Africa and Europe. Paul Adefarasin is well known for his clear message of hope, healing and empowerment.

He is widely regarded as a visionary leader and bridge-builder. His ability to transcend race, tribe and creed with his unique approach to ministry has helped in many strategic relationships between the church and secular communities in Africa. He has a burning passion to see the rehabilitation of his generation, his nation and his continent.

Pastor Adefarasin holds a bachelors degree in Architecture from the University of Miami, USA. He practised as an architect in Florida, USA before his call into ministry. He is the founder, senior pastor and prelate presiding over the House On The Rock churches headquartered in Lagos.

He is also the Founder and President of the Rock Foundation; a charity organization committed to social reformation, education, provision of healthcare and relief work for the downtrodden and disadvantaged in Nigeria and West Africa.

His wife, Ifeanyi Adefarasin is the Co-Pastor of The House On The Rock; with a vibrant multi-racial, multi-cultural and multi-ethnic congregation and daughter churches spread over Africa and Europe at present. She is also the founder of Woman To Woman Ministry, which is committed to social reformation, education, provision of healthcare and relief work amongst the downtrodden and underprivileged in Nigeria and West Africa. Pastor Ifeanyi has a burning passion to see the empowerment of women in her generation, her nation and her continent. She practiced as a banker before her call into ministry.

A mentor and coach, Pastor Ifeanyi is a greatly respected minister and conference speaker in much demand at home and abroad. She is well known for her clear and practical message of hope and empowerment. Her unique style of ministry transcends gender barriers and has brought healing to many.

Pastor Paul and Pastor Ifeoma live in Lagos, and have three lovely children.

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