Sarkodie picks a taxi, jokingly “refuses” to pay the driver and Ghanaians can’t really understand

But Sarkodie shock his fans, who could barely believe it, by picking a taxi on 10th August.

The artiste posted videos to his social media pages from the taxi with the captions “#TaxiIsLife” and “Taxi is Life”.

In one of the videos, Sarkodie asks (though his face is not seen) the driver how much his fare is. But the driver, who must have been feeling extra lucking to be driving “The Highest”, only asked Sarkodie what he was willing to pay.

Jokingly, Sarkodie replied, “then I won’t pay ooh” in Akan.

The video ends just before we can tell if Sarkodie really paid the taxi driver or not but social media surely had a good run with the videos.

Many Ghanaians left comments expressing their shock that Sarkodie, a well-known celebrity would stoop down to picking a taxi.

Other were commenting to praise Sarkodie for his humility.

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